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Run Ride & Rage for More Than Roe!

January 9, 2023 - 0 Comments

Join us on January 22nd, 2023

To rage for our lives and demand a future of bodily sovereignty!

Let your rage rise! In light of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade (1973) we invite you to join the nationwide Run, Ride, and Rage for More than Roe fundraising campaign. Let’s send the message that all people deserve access to the abortion care they need, when they need it, in the community they live in and trust.

Roe was never enough, especially for communities who face barriers to health care, restrictions on abortion care, and all intersectional struggles. Black, Indigenous, and POC communities have been at the frontlines fighting for abortion justice.

Faced with the end of Roe, WHS stood firmly on our historic principles, mission, and values, and provided reproductive health services in a climate where fear, intimidation, and threats of criminalization were rampant. We responded to these outrages by expanding abortion access through telehealth and abortion advocacy in each of our communities.

Run, Ride, and Rage YOUR way!

We invite you to participate in our run, ride, and rage event in the way that suits you best! People of all abilities and skill levels are invited to Run, Ride, and (or) Rage for Roe! Join us in the fight for abortion access; let them hear our rage! All activities can be done on your own time (virtually) or at a Run, Ride, and Rage for Roe event near you (in-person)!

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