Women in Need Fund

The Women In Need Fund

It's amazing how little is needed to get to a healthcare provider, but how many don't have those resources. This is especially true for people in Northern California. We are the only abortion provider in a 7 county region in Northern California. Many women have to travel hours to get to our clinic.

The Women in Need Fund allows us to provide women with financial help for medical services, transportation, motels, childcare or whatever the women need to be able to come to the clinic.  Donate to our Women In Need Fund online right now!  Sponsor a fundraiser to support women in our communities.


Women, transmen and gender non-conforming folks across the country may need an abortion, but can't afford the associated costs. To support these critical health services, abortion funds raise money from concerned citizens, and are able to offer costs to cover part or all of the expenses associated with an abortion. Without these funds, many would be denied their reproductive health access.



Each year, we have a bowl-a-thon to raise money for the Women In Need Fund. This April, our annual Bowl-a-thons, in partnership with National Network of Abortion Funds, raised thousands of dollars and increased support for our WHS Women in Need fund!  Join our email list to participate in future bowl-a-thons!