Peer Educator Prevention Training Registration

Upcoming Trainings:

Hosted on Zoom

Date: Wednesday, November 17th

Ages 20-29 Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Date: Tuesday, November 23rd

Ages 15-19 Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Let's Talk About Sex!

Sign up for Women's Health Specialists Peer Educator Prevention Training. We welcome young people between the ages 15-19 and 20-29 of all gender identities and gender non-conforming folx who would like to enhance their knowledge about reproductive and sexual health in a fun and exciting learning atmosphere.

The training provides comprehensive information on WHS clinic services, barriers to accessing services, pregnancy, birth control, abortion, STI/HIV, testing, treatment and more. These topics are discussed through interactive activities and group participation in a non-judgmental, compassionate, confidential environment. Removing shame and stigma by having real conversations around reproductive and sexual health.

Who should apply:

 Young people in Shasta County between the ages of 15-29 who support sexual and reproductive freedom! Folxs who like to have fun and want to learn information and real skills to help to make choices about your health. If you are interested in working with WHS in our peer outreach worker project.

Certificate/Stipend/Job Opportunity

Upon completion of the training, each participant will receive a $100 stipend for their time along with a certificate of completion. Participants will also be giving the opportunity to apply for our Peer Outreach Worker positions available.

Training Dates

Date: Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Ages 20-29 Time: 10 AM - 12 PM

Date: Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Ages 15-19 Time: 10 AM -12 PM

Hosted on: Zoom


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