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“Dani, of Women’s Health Specialists, is a dynamic speaker. She has a hands on approach, keeping the students engaged. She encourages student involvement and creates an excitement for the students to want to take charge of their own reproductive health. I would definitely recommend Dani’s presentation to anyone inquiring about reproductive health education.”
— Carolyn Mims Lead MBOA Instructor Institute of Technology

Our programs can be tailored for length, and adapted for different populations. Presentations are offered in English and Spanish.

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We ask for honorariums or donations to help cover our costs, if possible. For more information contact us through this form, or any of the Women’s Health Specialists clinic locations


The Speaker’s Bureau is one of our most popular services. Representatives from the health center will speak to community groups, classes, or organizations on women’s health and reproductive issues and the services offered by the health center.

  • Self Help: Basic concepts of self-help, breast and cervical exams, gaining control of our health care through self-help.
  • Abortion: Evolution of women-controlled abortion, different methods of abortion, the politics of abortion, history, recent changes in laws on abortion, RU 486 abortion pill.
  • Birth Control: Various methods of birth control, risks and effectiveness, history (including the cervical cap) and new methods.
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: How to prevent, test and treat a full range of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • AIDS: What is HIV, What is AIDS, Prevention, and how to evaluate your risk for HIV.
  • Childbirth Practices: The current trends in childbirth practices, review of normal pregnancy, and the stages of labor.
  • Menopause: Trends in health screening for menopausal women, and the pro’s and con’s of estrogen replacement therapy.
  • Lesbian Health Care: Concepts of well-woman health care, vaginal infections, breast and cervical self exam, and how to obtain non-judgmental care.
  • Adoption: The history and regulations of adoption. Services provided for birth and adoptive parents by WHS/ACNC.
  • Health Care and Sexuality: The health care needs and sexuality issues for developmentally disabled women.
  • Breast Cancer: Breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and alternative therapies.
  • The Civil Rights Issues of Women’s Choice: Attacks on women’s reproductive health care and defense of birth control, abortion, and birthing options.
  • Rape: The politics and myths surrounding rape, and medical care after rape.
  • Women’s Health Movement: The evolution and politics of women-controlled clinics, self-help, and international network.
  • Women’s Sexuality: The redefinition of the clitoris: presenting original research on the most ignored aspect of women’s anatomy.
  • Youth Q&A - An open forum for youth to comfortably discuss their questions about sex and health.