Free Condom Finder Flyer (Canvas Banner)

Women's Health Specialists' Free Condom Finder

Welcome to our free condom finder! The map shows free condom pick-up locations. Locations include Women's Health Specialists' clinics, community organizations, local businesses, and more!

Condoms can usually be found in a Women's Health Specialists Condom Box!

Why FREE Condoms?

  • Condoms are expesnive! Any location on the map will have free condoms available to you!

  • Use Free Condom finder to find condoms closest to you!

  • Condoms can help prevent STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and Pregnancy.

  • Options! Anyone of our Condom Pick-up locations should have a variety of condoms for you!

  • Latex free? Come to any Women's Health Specialists to get latex free condoms

Condom Week

If you would like to become a Free Condom Pick-up location please click here:

Download and share our Free Condom Finder Poster to share with your community!

Looking for more?

Women's Health Specialists Provides:

  • Pregnancy Tests.                                  Abortion Services
  • Birth Control                                          • Pre-Natal Referrals 
  • STI Testing & Treatment.                 • Men's Services
  • Emergency Contraception             • Gender Affirming Care
  • Pap Smears                                              • Free Condoms & Lube
  • Adoptions                                                 • Teen Services
  • And More!