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Anti-abortionists Accuse Women of Color of Genocide

April 23, 2010 - 0 Comments

Loretta Ross, SisterSong’s national coordinator, comments on the attack on black women:  “They tell African American women that we are now responsible for the genocide of our own people … We are now accused of ‘lynching’ our children in our wombs and practicing white supremacy on ourselves …. This is what lies on steroids look like.”


“….The sexism in their viewpoints is mind-boggling. To them, Black women are the poor dupes of the abortion rights movement, lacking agency and decision-making of our own. In fact, this is a reassertion of Black male supremacy over the self-determination of women…. It is about re-enslaving Black women by making us breeders for someone else’s cause.”

Quote from Loretta Ross: Cooper, Cindy, “Loretta Ross Unmasks Black Anti-Abortion Message, Media Spin” On the Issues Magazine, April 23, 2010, <>.


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