Making the Decision

“Thank you for your help in making my adoption a positive experience.”

— Adoption Choices Client

Making the decision to place your baby is a very difficult thing to do. You may weigh your decision throughout the pregnancy or you may make a definite decision as soon as you know you are pregnant. Either way is OK. Every woman is unique in the way that she handles an unexpected or crisis pregnancy.

Most women choose adoption for the following reasons:

  • the don't feel emotionally or physically equipped to raise a child, or another child if they are already parenting,
  • they don't feel financially prepared,
  • they don't have family support
  • the birthfather is not involved and they want the child to have two parents
  • they have other goals that they would like to pursue before starting a family.

Several of the above reasons may be why you are looking into adoption as an option. It is very important that you have friends, family or co-workers who you can talk to about your decision. You may also go to a counselor for help in sorting through your emotions and your options of parenting or abortion.

Hardly anyone makes a decision of this type without some doubt. Doubt is a normal part of any life-changing decision such as marriage, divorce, parenting, etc. However, it is important that you are as sure as you can possibly be about this decision before you proceed with an adoption plan. Independent Adoption is a permanent placement of a child into the home of adoptive parents who will become the legal parents of the child.