What to Expect

“I had the best experience, it was so calming and I felt so secure. The health worker I had with me during the procedure was amazing.”

— WHS Client

What To Expect

Many women are concerned about how they will feel both emotionally and physically during their abortion. Women enter our center with a wide spectrum of emotions about having an abortion. The feelings range from sadness to relief. These emotions come from each woman's individual life situation underlying the decision to terminate her pregnancy. A supportive setting, where each woman is treated individually with respect and compassion, makes any woman's abortion experience the best that it can be. The fact that many women are referred to Women's Health Specialists by friends who have been here before, confirms our success in providing such an environment.

During Your Appointment

What most women describe feeling with their abortions is a sensation similar to menstrual cramping. The amount of discomfort women feel varies from one woman to another, ranging from no cramping at all to strong cramping. While the cramping is similar to most women's periods, it lasts for only five to ten minutes.