A 46 Year Old Woman's Cervix And Menstrual Cycle

This woman, age 46, had her first period when she was 14 years old. Her menstrual cycle is between 28 and 30 days long. She usually has a three-day period. She had one illegal abortion which caused excessive bleeding and then, eight years later, had one birth.


DAY 2: Blood is coming out of the os.


DAY 6: Note the old, brownish blood during the last day (approximately) of her period. .


DAY 14: Day 8 of the Pill Cycle. Her squamocolumnar junction is visible, but does not seem to change much throughout her cycle.


DAY 17: The os is closed and the numerous cysts around it are more prominent.


DAY 28: The os is closed and this is the last day of her cycle.