A 29 Year Old Woman's Cervix And Menstrual Cycle

This woman is 29 years old and has had no children or abortions. She started having her periods when she was 13. Her cycles are usually 28 + days long and she bleeds for four or five days. She took the Pill several years ago and has had migraine headaches ever since. For the last two years she has had regular premenstrual spotting. She is a sexually active lesbian and uses no form of birth control.


Day 3: She is still menstruating. A film of menstrual blood remains on her cervix after inserting the speculum.


Day 6: The squamocolumnar junction around her os is visible.


Day 14: She thinks she ovulated today. The os is open and there is clear, fertile mucus coming out. The cervix is very light pink in color.


Day 22: The os is closed and there is more whitish secretion on her cervix.


Day 27: The os is closed and her cervix is darker in color. This is the last day of her cycle.