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International Women’s Day 2019: Sisterhood Is So Powerful!

March 14, 2019 - 0 Comments

Thanks to all who contributed so much to make our 5th Annual IWD Celebration such a success: our wonderful performers, speakers & crew — especially the amazing Loretta Ross! Special shout-out to the IWD 2019 crew for all their hard work on this extraordinary event. Dance, music, & speaking truth to power — all to keep women’s health in women’s hands! This year’s annual gathering was especially inspirational, helping us gear up for the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of another year of radical activism on behalf of women. (Special thanks to photographer Marc Dadigan for capturing the joy.)1f4a6553-copy 1f4a6385 1f4a6387-copy 1f4a6390 1f4a6392-copy 1f4a6394 1f4a6397 1f4a6399-copy 1f4a6412 1f4a6424-copy 1f4a6429 1f4a6435 1f4a6443 1f4a6449 1f4a6454 1f4a6462-copy 1f4a6473 1f4a6474-copy 1f4a6476 1f4a6482 1f4a6490 1f4a6507-copy 1f4a6508-copy 1f4a6511-copy 1f4a6519-copy 1f4a6524-copy 1f4a6525-copy 1f4a6526-copy 1f4a6536 1f4a6539-copy 1f4a6547 1f4a6549-copy 1f4a6552


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