Pubic Lice

pubic lice

Pubic Lice, "Crabs"

Pubic Lice are parasitic insects called lice that live in the pubic hair. Pubic lice are different from headlice.


Pubic Lice symptoms include:

  • Itching
  • Visible eggs in pubic hair.

How Are Public Lice Transmitted?

They are transmitted from close sexual contact, or from shared bedding, towels, underwear and clothing.

Confidential Testing

Get tested for Pubic at any WHS clinic. We test people of all genders.


If you are diagnosed as having pubic lice, your sexual partners(s) should be treated as well. You are at risk to be re-infected without treating sexual partners or cleaning everyone's bedding, towels and clothing.

In addition to using an over the counter medication, wash the underwear, towels, and bedding of everyone who has come into contact with the pubic lice with hot water and detergent.

Test Your Knowledge

1. True or False: A person of any gender can give pubic lice to a person of any gender.

2. True or False: You must also wash all bedding, clothing and towels of anyone who has had pubic lice, to prevent a re-infection.

3. True or False: Without pubic hair, it's unlikely to get pubic lice.

4. True or False: Most people will have a sexually transmitted infection during the course of their lifetime.

All True!