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Laura K. Brown

November 20, 2009 - By Laura K. Brown - 0 Comments

All of my menstrual extractions were positive experiences without noticeable physical side effects. Also, the fact that we used such a small sized cannula (4mm-5mm) meant that we did not do any extra dilation of the opening to the uterus. In turn, this meant that we did not need anesthetic that meant we did not need to give a shot. Also, we did not need to use any special instruments to stabilize the uterus. Because we did not break the skin, we could safely use a simple antiseptic. Menstrual extraction was as physically non-traumatic as we could make it.


I did have one sad experience with an abortion. This was a legal abortion given to me by a doctor that I received at a medical clinic. I had wanted to have the baby, but because the pregnancy was tied up with a heartbreaking affair, I reluctantly had the abortion. I was so sad about the abortion that when I began to have the symptoms of the easy-to-remedy complication of a bit of retained tissue I did nothing. I knew that it was a simple thing to reaspirate the tissue at the clinic, but I was so sad about the abortion that I thought I deserved the bleeding and the cramps. So, the not-unusual and easy-to-correct problem of a little retained tissue resulted in months of bleeding and clotting.


My sister called this my six-months abortion, an exaggerated but apt description.

It was finally over in a motel room in Carmel, California. I passed a clot as big as my hand, like a big piece of liver. The blood poured out of me and splashed all over the tile. This time the blood message was not as benign as before


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