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2017 Celebrate Choice Sponsors

January 18, 2017 - 0 Comments

Thank you so much to our sponsors for all the Women’s Health Specialists Celebrate Choice benefits!

Protect Roe

Margo Fowkes, OnTarget Consulting, Inc.

Terri OConnor

Speculums for All

530 Collective

ACLU of Northern California

Janine Bera, M.D. & Congressman Ami Bera, M.D.

Rena Duhl

Regina Hovet

Robert McCrea

Melanie Row, CRNA

Leon Schimmel, MD & Annette Cody, PhD

Richard John Specht

Daniela P. Stoutenburg, Esq.

Linda K. Whitney

Stand Up, Speak out

Helen Cartwright

Chico State STOP Club- Stop Trafficking of Persons

Edward W. Coleman

Firestar Studios

Beau Grosscup

Eric Guerra

Christina Lokke

Metro Media

Mod Pizza

Maureen Price

Maja Sandberg

Megan Seely

Mary Speigle

Northstate Women’s Health Network

Barbara Zlotowski



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