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The amount selected will be automatically donated each month to Women's Health Specialists. Your support keeps vital services available to those in need.

Despite all obstacles by the anti-choice elements, we have remained consistent and unwavering in our vision and goals. We support women in need regardless of their ability to pay and help women overcome barriers to seeking care such as transportation and childcare.

Your donation supports the only independent non-profit, women-run health center in Northern California. Since we take no funding from drug companies, we can give women truthful and balanced information about their reproductive health care choices. We provide unbiased, up to date information on drugs, birth control and issues facing women’s health care.

As Gandhi said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Your donation is a compassionate action. When you make a donation to WHS, you are making it possible for us to help women.

Women’s Health Specialists is an agent for social change. Your donation helps build our support network to confront the barrage of attacks on women’s rights, reproductive choice and social bigotry

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