What is Involved

“Thank you for all your help. Without you guys I would have never found my baby’s family! Thank you!”

— Adoption Choices' Client

  • After interactions & meeting with our Program Director, you are given an application to fill out that consists of personal Questionnaires, letters of Recommendation and other information about you.
  • Once accepted into the program you put together a profile that the birthparents will use in selecting the family they want to adopt their child. Before you are selected and meet with your birthparents there is really very little to plan for in the way of the legal process.
  • Once you are selected by birthparents, you will typically meet twice with them to share personal information, make a plan for the baby's birth and hospital stay and to decide on the amount of contact you will have with them after the birth of the child.
  • The baby is placed in your home as soon as he/she is discharged from the hospital. Prior to your adoption becoming final you will be parenting your child and waiting for the paperwork to be processed.


Adopting In California

  • If you are adopting in California, you are responsible to hire an Adoption Service Provider who will advise your birthmom of her legal rights and have her sign a Placement Agreement after the birth.
  • You also should hire an attorney who will outline any legal issues which may arise through the adoption process.
  • Your attorney will file a Petition for adoption and possibly assist you in handling the birthfather's rights.
  • Once the Petition and ASP's paperwork is sent to the County or the State Department of Social Services, depending on what county you live in, they will assign a social worker to your case who will meet with you to perform your home study.
  • The home study is an investigation performed by the state or county as a way of making sure that you can provide a safe and healthy home for a child. It takes about 6 months for the home study to be completed.
  • After that process is finished, you will have a court date where you go in front of a judge who will designate you as the legal parents of your child.